"Since my visit to the Holyland the readings are like 3-D to me "





What makes this Pilgrimage so special?

This is a spiritural journey with memories that you will re-live for a lifetime with every Gospel !

   Pilgrim Tony R and Spiritual Leader Fr. Rob on the Sea of Galilee

What makes Private Label Pilgrimages so special?

    Good question with several answers:

1.  Most tours promoting a spiritual focus are described as a Pilgrimage when in fact they are a tour of Holy sites coupled with general history and shopping. Our Pilgrimage has been designed by Father James Mallon as a journey in faith to be shared with your fellow Pilgrims. Following the first Pilgrimage input and fine tuning was contributed by all of the Priest. The result is an  itinerary that connects the sites and history to our Catholic Faith with the objective of deepening your personal understanding and the enrichment of the word of God long after the Pilgrimage is over.

2.  Our guide Arlette,  is Catholic, she shares in our experiences and daily mass. The big difference, on other tours the guide “interprets” our faith, but practices another faith with a focus on the gift shops .

3.  We have our own Spiritual Leaders who have been involved in the daily itinerary and will be making adjustments relevant to our spiritual directions. It is not an “off the shelf” itinerary.

4.  Daily Mass will be held at some of the most significant churches in Israel.

5.  Time for reflection ---while we have a full schedule, it is not as busy as most. It is important to be able to stop and reflect on the significance of the places that you will see and their spiritual connection to our Faith. Opportunities for personal mediation and reflection deepen your overall experience.

6.  As long as we have a minimum of 30 Pilgrims we have our own private coach. This allows us complete freedom and comfort to adjust our schedule and fill the day with what is important to us.

7.  Hotels—all our accommodations are centrally located and 4-5 star. It is important to be comfortable after a full day of touring

     8.      From a cost perspective –it is just about all-inclusive. There is very little else to pay for except some lunches and items, of a personal nature. On most other tours of this nature you can pay as much as an additional $1,500 in incidentals. While not inexpensive, it offers true value.

     9.      If you have question about this Pilgrimage in comparison to any other Holyland Pilgrimage --just ask

       God Bless & 

          Thank You 


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