Unique to our Pilgrimages, the focus is the spirtiural journey  

I would love to have you join me and our other Pilgrims on what has been described by past Pilgrims as “an experience of a lifetime.”

Truly that is my objective. After 30 years in the travel industry I was influenced by my parish priest to share my good fortune and experiences with others. The idea was a good one and the personal satisfaction has been gratifying. I certainly enjoy the letters of endorsement that I receive from each Pilgrim, but as the saying goes, “The pleasure is all mine.”

I invite you to have a look at our exciting itinerary, Imagine the full experience in the details of the daily planning and if tempted, pick up the phone and call. I would love the opportunity to personally answer any of your questions and discuss your individual interest.

If you wished to be kept informed ,  just send to me a e-mail indicating if you would like to attend a information night, or kept informed on future Pilgrimages or receive more information and I will ensure that you are kept up to date.

So let me extend this personal invitation to join us on one of our Pilgrimages and share in all of the planning that will make this your trip of a lifetime. The culture, the heritage, the cuisine, the architecture, and a spiritual journey that will be recalled every Sunday.

Yours in Faith,

Bob Sime

You're in the best of care.

Atlette Ako, our local guide

who has guided all of our six Pilgrimages

Bob Sime the tour director is with you every day.

The Holyland awaits you.

"This will be my 6th time on a Pilgrimage. Each time I learn more and  enjoy   more." --Bob Sime

“It is as though my Bible has become 3-D.Every Sunday I can picture the sights and hear the sounds!” - JH, Halifax