Past Pilgrimages,Spiritual advisors and tour escorts all with the one purpose of making your Pilgrimage a spiritual journey of a lifetime.

2010 Pilgrimage --Bob Sime, Fr James Mallon, Anne Marie Sime & Father Paul Morris

NOTE: I have never seen snow in Israel. I just like the picture.

2011 Pilgrimage--Fr James Mallon, Fr Owen Connolly, Arlette Ako (local guide), Anne Marie and Bob Sime

2012 Pilgrimage --Arlette Ako,local  guide, Fr Duncan Mac Isaac,Fr Pat Cosgrove,Brenda Grantham and Bob Sime

2013 Pilgrimage April--Anne Marie Sime , Fr Scott McCaig ,Ottawa, Arlette Ako, local guide, Fr James Mallon and Bob Sime

2013 Pilgrimage October -Bob Sime, Fr Mark Cherry , Arlette Ako, local guide, Fr Rob Arsenault

Want to do a Pilgrimage for your own parish group? It is a great way to build a stronger sense of community. and deepen the connection to your faith.Simply ask your parish Priest and then  call or e-mail me and I would be happy to discuss the opportunities. You can also join an existining group.

2014 Pilgrimage October -Bob Sime, Fr John Lacey , Fr Gerard Chaisson Arlette Ako, local guide, ( Our Favourite)