Our spiritural advisors for the next Pilgrimage are yet to be announced. So stay tuned. Or if your Parish Priest is interested , just call me and and we can arrange a meeting.

You're in the best of care.

Atlette Ako, our local guide

who has guided all of our six Pilgrimages

It takes many components to make your Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  special. To take this journey from merely a tour of the holy sites  to a “faith filled Pilgrimage” is all in the hands of your Spiritual Advisors.  Our leaders are instrumental in the planning of your daily activities ensuring that the connection to your faith is made so that when you return you are enriched with a deeper understanding that is rewarded in your daily lives through worship.Daily mass become a highlight of your experience at some of the most significant churches in the Holyland

Bob Sime is with you for the complete journey